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Vote Jon Valentine for Victoria City Council - Nov.19

About Me

Jon Valentine

Hello, and welcome to the official webpresence for my 2011 campaign for Victoria City Council.

My platform is two-fold...

- my specialization and increased involvement in three main areas: the arts, environmentalism and homelessness (and related issues).

- during my term, donating practically my entire city councilperson's salary to community efforts and projects, or working for just about free.

What makes me an ideal councilperson? Here's a few topics...


Since running for Victoria City Council in 2008, I've involved myself in many interests. The Committee to End Homelessness (and related groups) has been a mainstay, and I've recently joined the Victoria chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association. I've attended many events at venues such as fifty-fifty arts collective, Olio Arts Collective, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Open Space Gallery, Royal BC Museum, Fernwood Community Hall, Logans Pub, Fort St. Cafe, Hermann's Jazzclub, Lucky Bar, Solstice Cafe, and have supported them and their artists as much as possible. Have enjoyed the Moss St. Paint-In, Symphony Splash, Luminara, the Camosun College Shakespeare Festival, and the Art Crawl. I also attend the Green Drinks environmental pub nights, and Movie Monday semi-regularly.

I have volunteered as a director-at-large for the Oak Bay High School Alumni Association, since Jan. 2007. Activities have included helping with various high school reunions (including our recent Alumni event this May), and helping to promote the association's efforts (such as its scholarship fund/award for current students).

During my time at Camosun College (1999-2004), I was a two-year main movie critic for Nexus Newspaper (where I covered the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival), a Lansdowne director-at-large for the Camosun College Student Society, and a Lansdowne representative for Education Council.

(none of these above groups endorse me, nor do they have to, but just stating facts)


I'm not a fan of superficial stuff, so during this election I'll be trying to think "outside the box" some, in a way that hopefully is both tasteful and dignifying at the same time.

While having a physical office is important, I hope to spend more time engaging with the community, especially looking over things in person, before making any important votes on agenda items. I prefer getting credited expert opinions, if I feel clueless about a situation, and if it doesn't hold up the processes. I consider the "big picture" as much as possible.

I believe in looking for the best in any given situation, and not letting fear govern my decisions. I like the idea of giving respect in order to get it, and I don't get into the habit of having a hate-on for someone I've barely met. Which means - ironically - I don't like snobs and snobbery. You want to promote yourself some, then you must be willing to treat others the way you want to be treated.

I'm not a real big fan of public speaking, but more of an interpersonal, empathic-type, so don't be too surprised to see me speaking less, and doing/helping/listening more. I've got quite the sense of humor, and try to use it as tastefully as possible, but don't worry: there will be no practical/public jokes.


Whether we like or not, a lot of how we conduct ourselves, and how we sustain Victoria is going to be more localized. Case in point: look at the video/DVD rental stores, which seem to be getting more smaller and local (bye, bye, Blockbuster). More local food production should be encouraged, and practical environmental technologies need to be implemented, for the eventual weaning off of fossil fuels. Why not have Victoria be a true "city of gardens", and have it be a green innovator, including tasteful gardens/parkspace?

I don't have a car, and use BC Transit and my own two feet as often as possible. The only way I'll ever own a car - if I have my way - is if the zero-emission ones become affordable.

I support local business' as often as I can.

Homelessness affects us all, and anyone of us could be made homeless. Focus should continue to be on affordable housing for low/middle-incomers, because - well - a fully-housed decent-moneyed citizenry, can pay the taxes that go towards the bigger projects. Also, those who are on the frontline of homelessness/poverty issues, are connected to a wealth of information that is glossed over by most sources.

My personal spendings' are relatively frugal, so you can bet that I'll be trying to get Victoria the "best deals", when it comes to making financial decisions.

Lastly, don't just elect those who you think will represent you best, but keep up with the vigorous public discourse. The recent case with the Juan De Fuca Trail was a prime example of enough people willing to go through everything they could in order to get their voice heard, and succeeding in persuading those that would've voted for development, against it.


I've a publicity-shy girlfriend, and an overly-affectionate cat. My mother and grandmother were both nurses, and my grandfather was a school custodian and World War II veteran.

Personal pursuits

Some have their hobbies more than others. I prefer to add them to my attire: "Superman"/"Batman"/"Green Lantern" rings, a Variety Club "Spider-Man" heart, a tiny "Star Trek" pin, and a "Transformers" belt buckle. I draw the line at stuff on ties, shirts and jackets.

...that was quite a lot, wasn't it?  I'm sure I've left out a few important things to say, and I'm sure you - dear reader - feel I've left some other things out, too. Anything you wish me to know about, and any questions, just leave a message either on this website, or through

Good wishes to you.